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See, Test, and Treat Is Coming to Tufts Medical Center

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Maria was waiting quietly, with tears slowly rolling down her cheek. She was worried. It was one year ago that her breast cancer had been detected, and she had returned to the same event where her journey started, the annual See, Test, and Treat (STT) program put on by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) at Rhode Island Hospital.

Maria’s daughter, Juliana, while volunteering at a free dental clinic last year, came across a flier advertising STT. It took quite a bit of urging—Maria hadn’t seen a doctor in almost 20 years—but she was finally convinced to attend. Then, the bad news came.

An abnormality was found on her mammogram. This led to a biopsy and diagnosis of breast cancer. Maria’s subsequent treatment included surgery and radiation. But what came out of the nightmare was hope and inspiration. Juliana had saved her Mom’s life.

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