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Pathologists Delivering Life Saving Care

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See, Test & Treat (STT) is the flagship program put on by the College of American Pathologists Foundation in which pathologists recruit other medical specialties, industry and the public to address health issues for vulnerable women across the U.S. STT creates a culture of health in which underserved female populations experience a day of free, dignified care in the US health care system.

Pictured above are women and volunteers at the May 9 event at Rhode Island Hospital in which 50 women were served. This was made possible by many generous donors, including CVS.

Services Received during and after a See, Test & Treat Pathologist-Led Program include:

1. A clinical pelvic and breast exam with ample time to relay family history and ask questions.

2. Pap and HPV testing (according to guidelines) with same-day results.

3. Mammogram (according to guidelines).

4. As much follow-up treatment as possible for abnormal Pap results provided on the day of the program

such as colposcopy and LEEP procedures.

5. Same day additional mammography views for abnormal breast results.

6. Nutritious meals for women and their companions.

7. Interpretive services.

8. Translated registration, education and other materials.

9. Culturally appropriate education about the importance of preventive care, healthy lifestyle and health

care access.

10. Follow-up treatment and care for women diagnosed with abnormal results including cancer.

Additionally, See, Test & Treat is the perfect setting for community specific ancillary vaccinations, testing and other health services.

STT currently occurs at 10 locations across the US. The turnout has been tremendous. Sadly, the need remains unmet and we are hoping to expand the program further this year across the country. Please consider a donation to help support connecting the skills of pathologists to women in need of medical care. You can donate via the Foundation's secure website here. Thank you.

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