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Men's Health and Your Pathologist

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I am a pathologist. You probably have never met me but I have spent hours studying your biopsy slides, making a diagnosis and ensuring your blood tests are accurate and precise. Examining specimens from patients of all stages of life, the pathologist diagnoses all types of illness, from cancer to chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. We are often the “doctor behind the scenes”, but we want to be known. The old stereotypes of practicing in the basement or morgue are a thing of the past. A pathologist is an active member of your care team. Not only is a pathologist instrumental in the diagnosis of disease but we also work to keep you healthy.

The role of the pathologist has evolved, just as healthcare has. We help develop algorithms for the workup of diseases, keep watch over test utilization, help improve patient outcomes and control costs. In short, the pathologist brings great value to you and the overall healthcare system. Pathologists make sure each patient gets the right test at the right time. Quality healthcare begins with quality diagnoses.

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month and is a good time to learn how we impact your health. Men die at a higher rate than women for all the top diseases. They live on average 5 years less than women. Men are less likely to visit a doctor. As a pathologist, I see disease on a daily basis. Much of it can be avoided through routine health care maintenance.

Visit Men's Health Network for the rest of my story here.

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