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The Future of Prostate Cancer Treatment

Social media has transformed the way information and news is shared. Ideas can be delivered instantly. It has affected every aspect of our lives. Medicine is no exception.

News releases, conferences, medical journals and research findings are placed in anyone’s hands immediately. This has revolutionized patient engagement, research and information sharing. It is now routine for every major medical specialty to have a presence on social media and to live Tweet meetings, even offering virtual meetings.

Twitter chats are now commonplace. Topics around cancer have dominated the “Twittersphere”. Simply using the chat’s specific hashtag allows one to follow along in real time.

The NCI recently hosted a Twitter chat on the future of prostate cancer treatment in recognition of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s examine each question from the chat with representative Tweets to show how much can be learned. The hashtag used was #PCSMFuture. A full timeline can be found via Storify.

1. How prevalent is prostate cancer?

2. How is prostate cancer treatment changing?

3. What are the current options for treating early stage prostate cancer?

4. How should clinicians/patients approach selecting the best treatment for them?

5. What are the current options for treating advanced prostate cancer?

6. What are targeted therapies and what targeted therapies are being used to treat prostate cancer?

7. Are immunotherapies being used or studied for the treatment of prostate cancer?

8. What are the most important research challenges moving forward?

9. Where can I go to get more information?

Closing Tweets

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