• Michael Misialek, MD

Path Report Web Broadcast Show Launched on Precision Medicine and Cancer

Dr. Michael J. Misialek, a pathologist, has launched Path Report, a web broadcast show designed to educate the public on how the pathologist is a crucial member of the care team and a valuable resource for patients, particularly in cancer care and precision medicine. The first episode can be viewed here

The show will highlight how pathologists impact treatment and why a patient might want to reach out to their pathologist. By empowering patients with knowledge, one can become an effective advocate for their own care.

The first guest is Bryce Olson, a young patient with advanced prostate cancer, who is alive because of precision medicine and his pathologist. Future episodes will explore many types of cancer through discussions with patients.

The show will also help raise public awareness of the value of pathologists in healthcare. Dr. Misialek additionally will report on health-related news stories, highlighting precision medicine and cancer.

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