• Michael Misialek, MD

Ensure the Health of Your Father

Each Father’s Day, we celebrate husbands, partners, fathers, brothers and sons. But can we also celebrate their commitment to good health?

Studies show that men are less likely than women to seek standard health screenings. When they’re injured or in an accident, men are more likely to delay care. And when men do go to a doctor, they often don’t communicate clearly what is actually going on with their health.

As a pathologist here at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, I’m the doctor who ensures the accuracy of your laboratory tests. I see first-hand how valuable it is when men get the routine, recommended tests. For example, routine blood tests can identify men (and women!) at risk for type-2 diabetes. When we identify risks early, monitor and manage health accordingly, we can add years to life and life to years. Think about it this Father’s Day— and encourage the men in your life to celebrate a commitment to good health.

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