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Top 10 Reasons to Meet Your Pathologist

Did you know there is another doctor on your care team helping to keep you healthy? You probably have never met your pathologist, but they know you. It's time to meet them. Why might you want to get to know them?

  1. All treatment begins with a diagnosis. It is your pathologist that makes your diagnosis.

  2. Your pathologist directs the lab that runs your blood tests. Look for their name on the report. They can help you understand the results or answer your questions about anything you might not understand.

  3. If you had a biopsy (skin, colonoscopy, breast, etc.), your pathologist examined the tissue under a microscope, made a diagnosis and wrote the report.

  4. If you had cancer surgery, your pathologist carefully studied the specimen and wrote a detailed report. Every line of this report is important for subsequent care. Make sure it is understandable.

  5. You pathologist studies the cells on your Pap smear and makes the diagnosis. They can help answer questions about the results and whether there is a need for HPV testing.

  6. Your pathologist is a key member of your care team. They discuss your care with other team members at forums such as tumor board. Make sure you know all the members of your team.

  7. Your pathologist often answers questions from other doctors on your care team on appropriate test selection. They are experts in helping interpret abnormal results and suggesting next steps.

  8. Pathologists routinely order and help interpret genetic tests. Are any appropriate for you? Ask your pathologist.

  9. Pathologists keep in mind the cost of health care. Their input is crucial to cost-effective care. They can often help answer questions on the cost of laboratory testing.

  10. We want to meet you! Give us a call.

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