• Michael Misialek, MD

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Bid On This Great Work of Art

1. Proceeds go to support pathologist led cervical and breast cancer screening for underserved women.

2. Own a piece of The Doors legacy created by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Robby Krieger.

3. These are the opening notes to Light My Fire, the first song Robby Krieger wrote, which launched The Doors career by hitting #1 on the charts in 1967.

4. You will get a hand written note from Robby thanking you.

5. If a pathologist is the high bidder and goes over $2k, you will receive a special gift from Robby and I at CAP19.

6. You get bragging rights as the winning bidder.

7. I’ll make sure you get a lot of recognition.

8. It’s fun.

9. Charity Buzz told me a pathologist would not be the high bidder. Let’s prove them wrong and show the world pathologists care, and rock!

10. If you are planning on giving to the CAP Foundation this year, why not get a cool piece of art for your donation? If you haven’t donated, make this the year you give!

Bid at Charity Buzz by following this link

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